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If you are a U of U student, always e-mail your advisor from your Umail account AND include your student ID#. This will ensure the fastest response from the advisor. 

Department of Family and Consumer Studies Advisors:

Did you know that there are a total of 7 advisors who have been trained in the FCS undergraduate majors? 

If you are unable to make a convenient appointment with Jenny or Wendy be sure to check out your other options here:

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Advising

jenny stoutJenny Stout
M,W,F Alfred Emery Building Room 232
T,H Gardener Commons 2455


If you are unable to come for an appointment in person please scroll down for phone appointment instructions

Undergraduate Student Advising

wendy smithWendy Smith
Alfred Emery Building  Room 232


 If you are unable to come for an appointment in person please scroll down for phone appointment instructions.

Interested in learning more about internships? Please make an appointment with our new CSBS Internship Coordinator! 


Dominique Blanc

Internship Coordinator
(801) 587-7359



If coming for an in person appointment is not possible then schedule a phone appointment. Phone appointments are not optimal for academic advising, but they are the best alternative we have.

  • To schedule the appointment start by checking the availability of the advisors above.
  • Select a day/time that you will be able to be at a computer and log into Campus Information Systems. 
  • When given the option choose "telephone" for the way you would like to meet for the appointment.
  • On the day/time of the appointment YOU must initiate the appointment by calling 801-581-6521
  • You must create a FERPA PIN BEFORE you call!  

 How to create a FERPA PIN

  • Log into Campus Information System (CIS)
  • Find the box labeled "Student Records"
  • Click on "FERPA Release Consent"FERPA
  • Check the box fpr academic advising (third box down)FERPA Permission
  • Create a PIN (PIN can be letters and/or numbers, no minimum, max of 20 characters. Make this pin something you will remember but also something only you, or those you give it to would know.)
  • Enter information of others you would like the advisor to release information to (i.e. a parent or spouse)
  • Click the “Save” button
  • When you call for your appointment the advisor will verify your PIN to confirm your identity

Our Mission

Our goal is to assist you in achieving your academic and career goals by helping you choose majors and minors and select appropriate courses.

  • Advise students regarding the requirements for each of the two department majors.
  • Discuss with students the career opportunities for each of the majors.
  • Counsel students in class selection and course scheduling in order to effectively fulfill major and minor requirements.
  • Inform students about available scholarships.
  • Help students understand University and Department policies pertinent to their academic progress.
  • Non-majors are welcomed by the advisor who will help them select departmental courses that are appropriate to their academic and career needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


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