Undergraduate Studies

Family and Consumer Studies provides an interdisciplinary approach to those factors that influence the well-being of families, consumers, and communities. General areas of study and research include consumer studies and family economics, human development and family studies, environment and behavior, and human development and social policy.

Declared before August 1, 2018

Students declared in one of these majors must graduate by May 2022. Those who do not finish by May 2022 will be moved to the new FCHD major.

Consumer & Community Studies (BA/BS)

Human Development & Family Studies (BA/BS)

Declared after August 1, 2018

In August 2018, our two majors Consumer & Community Studies and Human Development & Family Studies, merged into one major Family, Community, and Human Development.

Undergraduate Major

The undergraduate majors emphasize interdisciplinary training within the social sciences and both provide excellent pre-professional background for graduate work in the fields of business, education, public policy, health, law, social work, social services, etc.

Transcripted Emphasis Options

Choosing one of the transcripted emphases above creates a more specific career track for the student.

Because of the many elective options students can also make their own "unofficial emphasis". For example, if a student is interested in becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist, the academic advisors will recommend certain courses that fit that career goal well. Your transcript will not have an emphasis noted but as graduate programs review your transcript they will see a common thread through the elective courses you chose for your major.

Last Updated: 7/13/19