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Financial Planning for SLCC Transfer Students

An AS in Business or AAS in Finance and Credit* from SLCC will clear a good portion of the credits for the Financial Planning emphasis. Of the five course categories below, two can be cleared by either degree. There are individual courses from SLCC that will also clear certain requirements.  For details see below.

Family, Commmunity and Human Development (FCHD) 

EMPHASIS: Financial Planning

Minimum Major Hours: 38 at least 18 semester hours for the major must be completed at the University of Utah

All major and allied courses must be completed with a letter grade of C- or better.

Department Core (20 credit hours)

  • FCS 1500 Lifespan Human Development (BF)
    • Cleared by FHS 1500 at SLCC
  • FCS 2400 Modern Family (BF)
    • Cleared by FHS 2400 at SLCC
  • FCS 3200 Research Methods
  • FCS 3210 Statistics (QI)
  • FCS 3500 Financial Skills for Life
    • Cleared by FIN 1050 and FIN 2200 at SLCC
      • This major requirement will be completed by the combination of the two courses above. Students will NOT be granted upper division (3000 level and above) credits and need to still plan on fulfilling the U of U's 40 upper division credit requirement. Student will NOT receive Quantitaive Intensive (QI) designation. Students will fulfill the QI requirement  with FCS 3210 and FCS 5510.
  • One community focused course from this list
    • FCS 2180 Family, School, and Community Connections
    • FCS 3420 Housing Policy and Issues (CW)
    • FCS 3430 Family Advocacy and Policy
    • FCS 3510 Tax Preparation and Community Engagement
    • FCS 3600 Consumer and Community Policy
    • FCS 3620 Environmental Psychology and Sustainability
    • FCS 4980 Internship
    • FCS 5200 Families and Social Policy
    • FCS 5450 Nonprofit Community Organizations
    • FCS 5630 Healthy Communities
    • FCS 5700 Analyzing Community Growth (QI)
    • FCS 5730 Community and Environmental Change
    • FCS 5800 Human Development and Social Policy

Financial Planning Courses (12 credit hours)

Must have already taken or be currently enrolled in FCS 3500 before taking all courses listed below.

  • FCS 5510 Building Family Wealth: Investment and Life Insurance Planning
  • FCS 5520 Retirement and Benefits Planning for Families
  • FCS 5530 Income Tax Planning for Families
  • FCS 5540 Protecting Family Wealth: Insurance and Estate Planning

Financial Planning Capstone (3 credit hours)

Pre-requisites: FCS 3500, 5510, 5520, 5530, 5540

FCS 5550 Family Financial Planning Capstone

Financial Planning Elective (3 credit hours)

Cleared by AS in Business or AAS in Finance and Credit* from SLCC

Allied Courses (12 credit hours)

Cleared by AS in Business or AAS in Finance and Credit* from SLCC

*Students coming to the U of U with an AAS degree will need to complete the General Education requirements not fulfilled by the AAS degree. Meet with an FCS advisor to make a plan.

Last Updated: 3/25/21