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Graduate Student Research

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Students may collect & analyze their own data, analyze nationally representative data sets or conduct policy analyses. Both qualitative & quantitative research approaches are encouraged. In addition to publishing the thesis, students are encouraged to present findings at professional conferences and to publish articles from their thesis in professional outlets. Below are some examples of recent graduate thesis research and professional publication.

The Marriott Library FCS 6901 Thesis Development Seminar:
The Marriott Library FCS Research Guide:

Jacqueline Linsay Kemp Storytelling Dramatization as a Community Building Activity in an Early Childhood Classroom
Alta Jeppson Williams Enhancing Marital Happiness: The Effect of Religious Attendance on Infielity, Religious Congruence, and Spousal Support
JulieAnn Stocking Children's Emotional Security in Response to Marital Conflict: The Rolse of Emotions and Strategies in Parents Conflict
Miriam Barth Directors' and Participants' Perceptions of a Program to Promote the Economic Self-Sufficiency of Women with Refugee Status
Yuri Kida Policy Analysis of Kinship Foster Care in Eleven Western States
Jonathan Mark Gallimore Community Design Variations in Students' Environmental Walking Supports
Melissa Anne Napier Walking to School: Roles of Community Design and Perceived Barriers Among Parents and Students
Michael Bradley Burton Monsters VS. Superheroes: Aggression in Children's Storytelling
Ariana Prazen Effects of Joint Physical Custody on Elementary School-Aged Children's Ability to Sustain Neighborhood Friendships
Ryan Matthew Champlin New Urban and Standard Suburban Designs and Policy Preferences
Elizabeth Susanne Dimond A Cross-National Comparison of Policies and Attitudes Toward the Disabled: The Effects of Deinstitutionalialization
Aimee Lynn Fox Elementary School Food Environment and Child Food Purchasing Behavior
Abraham Morris Sloan

Parental Modeling and Adolescents' Quality of Experience

Bing Ding Prosocial Behavior and Emotions in Preschool Storytelling
Katherine Rose Fife The Effects of Summer Activities on Academic Success
Elizabeth Hunsaker Garn Home-Buyer Aids, Help or Harm?
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