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Graduate Student Research

Students may collect & analyze their own data, analyze nationally representative data sets or conduct policy analyses.  Both qualitative & quantitative research approaches are encouraged.  In addition to publishing the thesis, students are encouraged to present findings at professional conferences and to publish articles from their thesis in professional outlets.  Below are some examples of recent graduate thesis research and professional publication.

The Marriott Library FCS 6901 Thesis Development Seminar:
The Marriott Library FCS Research Guide:


Thesis/Project Title

Tilton, DeAnn

Child Sexual Abuse Time Limits: Obtaining Justice for Survivors

Wadsworth, Amy

Aging and Autism: Bridge Building in Knowledge Using a Bioecological Model Approach

Murphy, Dee Dee

NeuroVersity, an Innovative Pathway

Lofgren, Abigail

Children's Distress During Hospital Procedures: The Role of Child Life Specialists

Choi, Chansong

Medical Personnel's Perceptions of Treatment Rooms

Reyes, Esperanza

Transition to Meaningful Employment for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Toward a Centralized Online Resource

Chestnut, Michelle

Gender Differences in Early Childhood Reading-Related Behaviors: Observation of Library Book Selection and Reading

Peterson, Mieko

Variations in Cognitive and Social Aspects of Home Learning Environment and Children's School Readiness Among Married, Cohabitating and Single Families

Durham, Leslie

Perceptions of Children’s Lives: Child Welfare and Policy in the Wake of Methamphetamine

Brewer, Cameron

Effects of Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Participation on Household Food Availability

Threlkeld, Kirsten

Solid Organ Transplant: Child Life, Impact of Family and Siblings Outcomes

Taylor, Lori

In Sickness and in Health: Couples Health and Retirement Preparations

Strebel, Austin

Building Classroom-Based Educational Modules for the Living Planet Aquarium

Liang, Emma

Housing Inequality under Market Transition in Urban China: Evidence from the 2005 Mini Census

Whitesel, Shirley

The Development of a Partnership between UNP Hartland and the Boys and Girls Club to Promote Teen Participation in After-School Programs

Sheikh, Kamille

Understanding Youth Identity in a Leadership Context: Providing a Voice for Somali Youth

Steed, Robert

Family and Classroom Context Effects on Students’ Optimal Experience

Wright, Chris

Examining the Effects of Greater Skill/Challenge Fit on Intrinsic Motivation and Flow in Religious Scripture Study Among Teenagers

Traeden, Heather

Attachment Security as a Mediator of the Relationship between Marital Conflict and Youth Socioemotional Competence

Garn, Tanya

Facilitating Intrinsic Motivation in Middle-School Students in Davis County

Last Updated: 3/25/21