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Major Consolidation

In Fall 2018, our two majors, Consumer & Community Studies and Human Development & Family Studies, will merge into one major: Family, Community, and Human Development. What does this change mean for you? Watch the video then see the FAQs below to find out! 

Students who wish to keep their currently declared CCS or HDFS major may do so, BUT they must complete the degree requirements and graduate by May 2022. More information about this in the FAQs.


Students who wish to keep their currently declared major may do so BUT must complete the degree requirements and graduate by May 2022. May 2022 is when the “grandfathering” period will end. At that time, if any CCS or HDFS students have not graduated, their major will be changed to the FCHD major. The FCS Academic Advisors will work closely with any students who are not able to complete the CCS or HDFS majors by the May 2022 deadline to ensure that their transition to the FCHD major is as smooth as possible.

Log into CIS. Click on your profile. If you have a declared major, it will be listed here. If you do not see a declared major, make an appointment with an FCS Academic Advisor to get your major declared. Students who want the CCS or HDFS major must declare before August 1, 2018.

Yes, all of the emphases will still be offered.

-Early Childhood Education: no changes to requriements

-Financial Planning: no changes to requirments

-Child Life: Begining January 2019 the Association of Child Life Professionals will begin requring specific course work. Our new FCHD major with revised Child Life emphasis reflects these new reqruiements. Child Life students can either switch to the new major so that their degree audit reflects the needed coursework or keep the old major and be sure that their graduation plan includes the classes required by the ACLP. An FCS Academic Advisor would be happy to help you with that graduation plan.

That depends. Let’s say you are currently a Human Development and Family Studies major and have always wanted to take FCS 5730 Community and Environmental Change or FCS 5510 Building Family Wealth. In your current HDFS major those are not major elective options. In the new major they are. An FCS Academic Advisor would be happy to meet with you to discuss your academic and career goals and determine which major is the best for you.

Family and Consumer Studies (FCS) will continue to be the name of the academic department where your major is housed. Family, Community and Human Development (FCHD) will be the name of the undergraduate major. Our 3 undergraduate emphases are still available under the FCHD major. We also house a Master’s program titled Human Development and Social Policy, as well as certificate programs in Financial Planning and Demography. So the department name of Family and Consumer Studies (FCS) acts as an umbrella over all of these programs:

Majors and Graduate Program of FCS

As you can see in the answer above, we have a lot of different programs in our department, and the FCS prefix acts as an umbrella for all of them.

Yes! If you do FCHD with no emphasis, you will have a VERY flexible major -- now with even more elective options! And it can still be completed fully online if desired.

If you have a question you do not see the answer to, please make an appointment to meet with an advisor so we can provide you the best answer for your situation.

Learn more about the fchd major

Last Updated: 9/27/18