HDFS Careers

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Areas: Teaching; Administration

Employers: Church/Religious Organizations; Private & Public Childcare Centers; Private & Public Preschool Programs; Montessori Schools; Head Start Programs; Nursery School/Mother's Day Out Programs; Extended School Programs; Childcare Resource & Referral Agencies

Strategies: Concentrate on courses geared towards child development and working with children; Participate in volunteer, summer, and internship experiences in childcare and schools; Acquire certification/licensing for childcare and public school teaching; Obtain certification in CPR, first aid, and safety.


Areas: Teaching; Administration; Curriculum Development; Research; Counseling; Family and Consumer Science; Vocational Rehabilitation; Parent-Child Education; Early Childhood Special Education

Employers: Public & Private Schools, K-12; Head Start Programs; Montessori Schools; Programs Serving People with Special Needs; Colleges and Universities; Adult Education Programs; Parent Education Programs; School Counselor Programs; Family Support Centers

Strategies:Acquire certification/licensing for teaching in public schools; Acquire certification for parent-child education; Obtain graduate degree for counseling and administrative positions; Obtain Ph.D. for college and university teaching and research; Learn federal and state government job application processes; Participate in volunteer, summer, and internship programs in schools.


Areas: Child Life; Social Services; Childcare Programs; Advocacy; Education

Employers: Hospitals; Mental Health Organizations; Health and Wellness Organizations;Hospices; Rehabilitation Organizations; Nursing Homes & Assisting Living Centers

Strategies: Obtain child life certification; Take counseling/social work courses; Obtain experience in advocacy; Participate in volunteer, summer, and internship programs in hospitals and health programs; May need master's degree in counseling, social work, or other specialized area.

Community & Social Services

Areas: Administration; Programming; After School/Summer Programs; Social Services; Advocacy

Employers: Community Centers; Summer Camp Programs; Adult and Child Childcare Providers; Programs Serving People with Special Needs; Religious-affiliated Service Organizations; National and Local Nonprofit Organizations; Child Advocacy Organization; Group Homes; Prisons; Half-way Houses; Youth Services Agencies; Recreation Centers; Legal Aid Organizations; Senior Citizens’ Programs; Retirement Homes; Foundations and Funding Organizations; YMCA & YWCA; United Way; Boys & Girls Clubs

Strategies: Seek related work experience particularly in summer camps or special needs areas; Take counseling/social work courses; Participate in volunteer, summer, and internship programs in service-oriented programs dealing with alcoholism, drug abuse, family violence, aging, poor, disabled, etc; Obtain gerontology certificate; Acquire knowledge of community problems and government resources; Obtain experience in counseling, advocacy, or administration; Obtain master's degree in counseling, social work, or rehabilitation to provide therapy.


Areas: Human/Social Services; Rehabilitation; Legal Development; Program Development

Employers: Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies Including: Departments of Health, Education and Welfare, Sanitation, Fire/Safety, Nutrition, and Cooperative Extension; Vocational Rehabilitation; Mental Health Agencies; Adoption Agencies; Military Child Care Programs; Overseas Child Care and Education Programs; Criminal Justice System; Health and Wellness Agencies; Women’s Protective Agencies; Public Assistance Agencies

Strategies: Learn federal, state, and local job application procedures; Take the Human Service Workers test; Participate in volunteer and internship programs related to area of interest; Seek additional certifications;Learn skills in communication networking and electronic mail; Obtain experience in research and evaluation.