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Consumer & Community Studies Careers

Consumer & Community Studies | CCS Major and Minor Requirements | Certified Financial Planning

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Financial Planning

AREAS: Advising/Counseling, Education, Sales

EMPLOYERS: Financial Advising Consultants, Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance Companies, Brokerage Firms, Credit Card Companies, Mortgage Companies, Credit Counseling Agencies, Community Development Organizations

STRATEGIES: Develop math and computer skills, Take finance courses, Become treasurer for a campus organization, Intern with a credit counseling agency or another financial institution, Explore certification in financial planning


AREAS: Sales/Marketing, Customer Service, Claims Adjustment, Research, Brand Management, Store Management, Self-Employment

EMPLOYERS: Consumer Products Manufacturers, Retailers, Financial Services Institutions, Market Research Firms, Public Opinion Firms, Pharmaceutical Companies

STRATEGIES: Develop computer, communication, and interpersonal skills, Intern with a local business, Pursue a minor in business, Join SOCAP (Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals)

Real Estate

AREAS: Sales, Research, Inspection, Planning, Advocacy

EMPLOYERS: Property Development Companies, Realtors, Housing Advocates, Appraisers, Housing Inspectors, Community Development Organizations

STRATEGIES: Develop computer, communication, and interpersonal skills, Acquire realtor's licence, Take courses about housing, Consider a minor in Urban Planning, Intern with local realtor or housing agency.

Community & Social Services

AREAS: Administration; Programming; After School/Summer Programs; Social Services; Advocacy

EMPLOYERS: Community Centers; Summer Camp Programs; Adult and Child Childcare Providers; Programs Serving People with Special Needs; Religious-affiliated Service Organizations; National and Local Nonprofit Organizations; Child Advocacy Organization; Group Homes; Prisons; Half-way Houses; Youth Services Agencies; Recreation Centers; Legal Aid Organizations; Senior Citizens’ Programs; Retirement Homes; Foundations and Funding Organizations; YMCA & YWCA; United Way; Boys & Girls Clubs

STRATEGIES: Seek related work experience particularly in summer camps or special needs areas; Take counseling/social work courses; Participate in volunteer, summer, and internship programs in service-oriented programs dealing with alcoholism, drug abuse, family violence, aging, poor, disabled, etc; Obtain gerontology certificate; Acquire knowledge of community problems and government resources; Obtain experience in counseling, advocacy, or administration; Obtain master's degree in counseling, social work, or rehabilitation to provide therapy.

Journalism, Communications, Public Relations

AREAS: Investigation, Writing and Editing, Production

EMPLOYERS: Television and Radio Stations, Newspapers, Magazines, Product Comparison Services, Consumer Product Manufactures

STRATEGIES: Develop interpersonal and communication skills, Become involved with the campus newspaper or radio station, Intern with a local media organization.


AREAS: Investigation, Enforcement, Research, Policy Evaluation, Auditing, Education

EMPLOYERS: Federal, State, and Local Consumer Agencies involved in:, Antitrust Regulation, Business Practices Regulation, Community Economic Development Financial Regulation, Health and Safety Regulation, Occupational/Professional Licensing, Public Utility Representation, Congress and State Legislatures, Community Planning & Development Agencies, Public Assistance Agencies

STRATEGIES: Develop analytical and computer skills, Learn interpersonal and communication skills, Consider a minor in Economics, Political Science, or Public Administration, Intern with a government agency, Consider an advanced degree in public administration, Learn federal, state, and local job application procedures, Obtain experience in research and evaluation, Take the Human Service Workers test, Participate in volunteer and internship programs related to area of interest.

Last Updated: 6/22/17