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Ph.D. Courses and Requirements

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PhD. Course Work:

68 total credit hours include:

  • 21 credit hours from HDSP core and advanced classes from the FCS Department
  • 18 credit hours, 9 each from two specialization areas that include other departments, such as economics, sociology, political science, or psychology, or from particular cross-department themes, such as health or geospatial analyses
  • 9 credit hours from allied courses
  • 6 credit hours of advanced methods/statistics
  • 14 (or more) doctoral dissertation research credits
  • See example PhD programs here

Qualifying Examination or Alternative:

Students develop a project to demonstrate competency in bridging disciplinary approaches to areas of interest in Human Development and Social Policy. The student's supervisory committee evaluates this work to ensure that the student is adequately prepared to accomplish his or her dissertation research. Given the interdisciplinary and policy-relevant nature of the program, the examination may include alternatives to a traditional examination, such as a program evaluation, evaluation proposal, white paper, academic paper, grant proposal,  or other professionally-relevant product.

Dissertation Research: 

Students are encouraged to select publication goals and formats that will serve their careers, such as:

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Program evaluations that would be presented at governmental or nonprofit agencies
  • Research-based curriculum or training, including translational work to complement traditional research.
Last Updated: 10/25/18