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Learning Lab

EricaUniversity students enrolled in Human Development courses utilize the
classroom as laboratory.

Courses where students have directed observation:

  • FCS 1500 (Human Development Across the Lifespan)
  • FCS 2610 (Understanding Children’s Behavior)
  • FCS 5170 (Assessment, Cognition and Creativity)

In the following course, students use directed observation in conjunction
with learning multiple methods of recording individual and group behavior.

  • FCS 2620 (Child Development Practicum)

The following course provides students with directed experiences in the
Child and Family Development Center with children up to age 5. Within a working classroom, students study and participate in the designing and implementation of developmentally appropriate activities, hone communication techniques and acquire advanced skills and strategies for working with young children.

  • FCS 5190 (Early Childhood Capstone) 

For more information about these classes or scheduling classroom observations, please contact Annie Frazier at

Last Updated: 12/23/19