Welcome to our Classrooms

The Nido Classroom

The Nido (Italian for "Nest") classroom provides a safe and nurturing environment for infants that encourages exploration and discovery.  The design is soft, modern, and calming. The Nido classroom follows a Montessori inspired curriculum and is equipped with infant sized furniture and sink. Natural materials and toys are used and the classroom allows for freedom of movement. 

Our teachers interact with the babies through singing, speaking, rocking, holding, laughing and smiling. Safety, love, and cognitive growth are the cornerstones of our program.

Our teachers follow the infants’ schedules and allow them to nap when they are tired, eat when they are hungry and explore when they are ready. Teachers encourage the infant to challenge themselves utilizing the environment which focuses on all aspects of a child’s development with special focus on independence, language and cognitive growth.  

The Piccolo Classroom

The Piccolo classroom provides a safe environment that encourages discovery and independence. It is a multi-aged class that accommodates up to 12 children. Soft, natural tones and materials are used in the modern updated space. Natural lighting, soft colors, and uncluttered spaces set the stage for activity that is focused and calm. Learning materials are displayed on accessible shelves, fostering independence as students go about their work. Everything is where it is supposed to be, conveying a sense of harmony and order that both comforts and inspires. In this safe and empowering environment, students find joy in learning.

The Bambini Classroom


The Bambini curriculum fosters curiosity, self-confidence, respect for self and others, and independence. The “I can do it myself” of children this age is supported by giving them the guidance and encouragement to accomplish tasks on their own.  Children build speech and language skills, practical life skills, and fine and gross motor skills. They learn social skills and how to apply them in their interactions with other children. Toilet learning is also part of the curriculum. Children become more aware of themselves and the world around them through sensorial activities, as teachers reinforce the importance of verbal communication by speaking clearly and supporting the child's expanding vocabulary throughout the day. 

Last Updated: 3/22/18