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Dismissal Policy

The Child and Family Development Center reserves the right to withdraw a child or family from the center if it is decided by the teachers and Director that the relationship between the center, child & parent or guardian is not mutually beneficial and/or interferes with the teaching and administration of the center.

In extreme situations, the immediate removal of a child or family from the Center may be necessary. Reasons may include health and safety issues for the child or for the larger group of children, university students or staff.

Reasons for Dismissal

  1. Child or parents needs cannot/are not being met by the center.
  2. Family interferes with the teaching and administration of the center.
  3. Child appears to be a danger to himself, other children or staff and behavioral issues cannot be resolved through processes:
    1. Documented concerns
    2. Meeting with child’s parents/guardians to develop a behavioral plan
    3. Follow through with action plan
    4. Follow up meeting to discuss child’s progress
    5. Continued enrollment or dismissa
  4. Nonpayment or habitual late payment of fee
  5. A family owing tuition and late fees at the end of the school year may not re-enroll their child until the balance due has been paid. A tuition hold and/or payroll deduction may be placed on student records and/or employees paycheck.
    Not completing and returning required enrollment forms promptly, including physical/medical information, emergency information, employment status, etc.
  6. Physical or verbal intimidation of staff or children
  7. Habitual late pick-ups
Last Updated: 8/18/16