Parent Information Manual


As a laboratory school, the Child and Family Development Center is linked to the academic University setting and aligns itself with the mission of the University of Utah that includes teaching, research and service. The laboratory classrooms provide learning opportunities for children, students and parents. The Center also provides research facilities and opportunities for University of Utah faculty and graduate students. Thus, the Center's four main objectives are:

  • Facilitate student, parent, and child education
  • Provide research opportunities for University faculty interested in studying young children & families
  • Provide an enriched learning environment for young children with an social and emotional development
  • Explore children's creative ability through play

Our curriculum is informed by the standards and objectives contained in Utah Early Childhood Standards and Teaching Strategies GOLD; use of a Montessori-inspired approach, and the Utah Core Curriculum.

School Calendar and Holidays

We operate a unique academic year program. Our center observes all University holidays. A calendar for the year will be provided to all parents. Please contact your child’s teacher or the CFDC office for any questions you may have regarding the CFDC calendar.

In case of extreme weather, we will be closed if either the Salt Lake School District or the University of Utah is closed.

Learning Lab for University Students

In our program, we integrate students working on the Human Development and Family Studies major. The students are learning how to observe, lesson plan, set up environments, and provide a high quality learning community for children. They are supervised by the teachers and the director. 

Last Updated: 8/18/16