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Study Poster and Information

What is the MAPS research study?

Big changes are happening to neighborhoods around North Temple. MAPS--the Moving Across Places Study—from the University of Utah measures how these changes alter travel and activity patterns and residents’ perceptions and feelings about their neighborhoods.  Even if you don’t travel along North Temple now, we want to see how neighborhood changes relate to your travel and activity patterns. 

Eligible participants complete surveys and wear two small gadgets for one week in 2012 and then again about one year later.  The surveys ask about perceptions of your neighborhood, your activity patterns, and individual characteristics.  All responses remain confidential, as detailed further in the informed consent document.   

Who conducts the research?

The research is conducted by faculty, students, and employees from the University of Utah. It is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute.

What are the benefits of participation?

We cannot promise individual health benefits, although many participants enjoy seeing their activity patterns on our laptop displays at the end of the week. Residents also like expressing their opinions to community leaders and being a part of a major study. 

In the long run, this research will be used to advise local, state, and national leaders about aspects of community design that relate to healthy activities and to satisfying perceptions of neighborhoods.  Daily activities that relate to community design can be important in encouraging behaviors that prevent cancer.  Participants help the University of Utah researchers answer these questions for the National Cancer Institute. 

Is there payment for time and effort?

If you complete the surveys and wear the gadgets for at least five (5) 12-hour days, you will receive $50.00 to compensate you for the time and effort needed.  You need to recharge the GPS each night. If you have not worn the devices for the minimum of 5 12-hour days or did not provide any survey information, we will compensate you $15.00 for your partial participation.