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Graduate Coursework and Requirements

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Coursework & Requirements Summary for U. of Utah's M.S. in Human Development & Social Policy

Total credit hours for students choosing thesis option: 34 credit minimum.  Check out the requirement sheet.

Total credit hours for students choosing project option: 37 credit minimum

Minimum & maximum hours per semester: 9 to 12 credit hours are needed for financially supported teaching or research assistants; 3 to 16 for other students.

Allied Courses (Descriptions available from the online catalogue)

A typical course work plan for a full-time student:

Semester 1 (core courses)

FCS 6901-1: Thesis Development Seminar (1) + allied or other hours to total 9 -12

Choose 3 from the following 4 courses
FCS 6200: Families and Social Policy (3)
FCS 6700: Research for Community Needs (3) or FCS 6600 Families & Economic Policy
FCS 6730: Community Development and Evironmental Change (3) or FCS 6600 Environments & Human Behavior
FCS 6962: Special Topics (3)

Semester 2 (core courses):

FCS 6110: Graduate Multivariate Statistics (4) or Equivalent Statistics Class
FCS 6100: Graduate Research Methods (3) or Equivalent Methods Class
FCS 6970: For thesis option students take Thesis hours (2-5) Proposing one's thesis for methods class in consultation with advisor is highly recommended. Non-thesis students take allied hours.

Semester 3 & 4 for Thesis Option Students

Allied courses and thesis hours and core courses if not taken previously.

Students supported by the FCS Department must successfully defend their thesis proposal by the end of Fall of their second year. They are encouraged to defend earlier.
Select at least two allied courses from one area. The Thesis Committee Chair needs to approve these.

Semesters 3 & 4 for Project Option Students:

Core courses if not taken previously. Project students take allied hours and work on project. Register for  project hours.

Graduate Core Course Descriptions (14 hours)

Typically taken in the first year, provide a broad background in conceptual models, policy, and research methods. Choose at least 3 of 4 from FCS 6200, 6400, 6600, 6962 or equivalents. All are recommended.

Graduate students can earn an optional graduate certificate from the University of Utah in conjunction with their master's degree in Human Development & Social Policy by completing additional requirements. Certificates available in:

Child Life
Disability Studies


Women's Health

Last Updated: 2/10/17